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Transforming In-Game Achievements into Real-World Animal Conservation

Gorilla Gazing harnesses  blockchain to help raise money through quests, competitions, and player achievements 

Our 'Play to Give' model partners with prestigious established animal charities making a difference for world animals

Although we are not a charity, our model is designed to create shared value, attracting players who are passionate about making a positive impact.

Gorilla Gazing a Wonderful gaming Metaverse for PC and Mobile

Gazing Gorilla Ranger Academy 

Train to take care of your own island paradise and it’s animals, from the butterflies to the mighty Gorillas

Heartbeat Island

Meet up with other  player in Heartbeat Island join quests and invite friends to help you. 

Visit other players Islands.

Remember to tread lightly, do no harm and along with your fellow adventurers, nurture this beautiful place. 

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A world of kindness gaming and conservation.

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