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A world of kindness gaming and conservation.

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Gorilla Gazing is a Web3 game with a heartfelt commitment to wildlife conservation

A community where the joy of gaming translates into tangible support for the natural world.


Shared Value  

Our model is designed to create shared value, bringing together players 

who are passionate about gaming and making a positive impact


Play to Give  

Our 'Play to Give' mechanism offers an immersive and enjoyable  

             experience, channelling support towards real-world animal welfare initiative


Players join together on engaging quests that trigger donations to partner 

animal charities.

A world of kindness gaming and conservation.

Welcome to Gorilla Gazing!


A Web3 Game where you Play to Own and Play to Give


Help Raise Money for Real World Animals 


Gorilla Gazing is a fun, happy game where you nurture your beautiful island paradise


From the butterflies to the mighty Gorillas this ecosystem is yours to look after

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