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Gorilla Gazing
Utility NFTS

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 Gorilla Gazing NFTs


Gorilla Gazing

Utility NFTs


Gorilla Gazing 

In Game Digital Collectibles


Gorilla Gazing Utility NFTs 

A collection of  Unique Baby Gorillas featuring an animated Baby Gorilla 

 Research Unique Characters

Unique Biomes Islands

Gorilla Gazing
In Game
Digital Collectibles

Gorilla Gazing In Game NFTs will allow players to own NFT’s such as Custodial Island Rights, special tools, research equipment,.

Heartbeat Island has a lovely laidback town where NFT’s can be created smoothly and easily.

No technical NFT knowledge is needed.

All Blockchain technology is seamlessly embedded within the gameplay. 

Keep Your hard earned items as Digital Items


Own and Create

your Digital Items


Low cost layer 2 solutions


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