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Gorilla Gazing
Family Team and Advisors


Jamie has been involved in programming and gaming since he was a child. He has spent the last two years specializing in Blockchain and games programming.


Deborah has been making games since the nineties  She has worked on projects with Sony, Atari  Oxford University Press

Vik Tokai, Koei Tecmo. 

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Metallic Doodling

Hugo has worked with Film Oxford withicreatives and taken part in exhibitions with Modern Art Oxford. His artwork and animation has also appeared in projects for The Story Museum and Oxford Festival of Lights.


Georgina has worked at Film Oxford and Common People Festivals. She has appeared onscreen interviewing bands and has a passion for film and animation. 

Our charity fund will provide donations

to these incredible charities along with others chosen by the DAO

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Charity Advisor 

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Andy Knott MBE is a former Army Commanding Officer, who has also held senior leadership positions in international business and the Third Sector.  He campaigns on a variety of animal welfare issues, and has a track record of delivering ground breaking protections for animals across the nation

The Gorilla Gazing Team is a group with years of game development experience.
We are all thrilled to be involved in creating this wonderful game and to will help amazing animal charities across the world.

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